the Sarcastic Bastard (hibachi) wrote in world_cinema,
the Sarcastic Bastard

35th Street Mission Premiere - Free TIX Online!

I thought I'd invite everyone to the premiere of the world’s first independent dramedy series 35th STREET MISSION. Click through and shoot us an e-mail to get free tickets for you and your friends.

The 35th Street Mission, a quaint little coffee house in the heart of downtown Seattle. Really. Come on in and join the owners; Scott and Taylor for a cup of java – anyway you like it. While you’re there, you’ll meet some of their outrageously zany friends and abby-normal neighbors. Watch the gang as they hysterically fumble through the everyday dramas of life, relationships and friendships. From serious drama to over the edge, whacked-out comedy, the gang at the 35th Street Mission covers it all. Welcome to Indie TV.
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